Petition No. 1658/2014

Subject: Petition No. 1658/2014 (reference to be quoted in all correspondence)

Dear Mr Zeljko,

petitionI would like to inform you that the Committee on Petitions considered your petition and decided that the issues which you raise are admissible in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament, insofar as the subject matter falls within the sphere of activities of the European Union.

The Committee on Petitions began its examination of your petition and decided to ask the European Commission to conduct a preliminary investigation regarding the state of play of media independence in Croatia. Our Committee also decided to forward your petition to the Committee on Culture and Education of the European Parliament for information.

Allow me to emphasize that the European Union aims to ensure the respect of rights and principles enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, including Article 11 on freedom of expression and information (encompassing media freedom and pluralism) within its competences. In view of this, the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (2010/13/EU) introduces rules to promote a strong, competitive and integrated European audiovisual industry and to enhance media pluralism throughout the Union.

Further, allow me to inform you that a number of resolutions have been adopted by the European Parliament on the subject of media pluralism in the Member States of the European Union, such as the 'EU Charter: standard settings for media freedom across the EU (P7_TA(2013)0203). Documents such as Monitoring Media Pluralism in Europe - Testing and Implementation of the Media Pluralism Monitor 2014 (#MPM2014).

Final Report of the High-Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism and Policy Report: European Union Competencies in Respect of Media Pluralism and Media Freedom may also be of interest to you.